What is a chiropractic check?

This is a fifteen minute assessment and is an opportunity to ask any questions about your health, and to find out if chiropractic might be suitable for your problem. Health checks are offered at no charge.

Why might I need a chiropractic check?

Many us go about daily activities with poor posture, or out of alignment. Often we don’t know anything about this until symptoms appear. Research shows that 80% of us will suffer from back problems. Addressing your problem early can prevent more serious problems later on.

Benefits of a chiropractic health check:

  • Identifying postural imbalances
  • Finding areas of spinal misalignment caused by old injuries or stress
  • Understanding why you might be getting aches and pains

What next?

If it appears you have a problem which could benefit from chiropractic care, the next step is to book a full consultation. If you are not a suitable candidate for chiropractic then you will be appropriately referred in the right direction.