Each of us has unique health objectives. You might want a quick fix, or rehabilitation and management of a longer term problem. Either way, I am here to help. To clarify how chiropractic might help you to achieve your goals, the three phases of chiropractic care are outlined below:

1. Intensive care

  • Initially you will just want to feel better. Therefore chiropractic treatment is centred on providing pain relief. Depending on the severity of your problem intensive care usually lasts for three to five weeks and visits are often twice a week.
  • Gentle adjustments are made to restore movement to stiff and inflamed joints, thus relieving irritation on the spinal nerves and muscles.
  • At this stage it’s usually important to keep your body moving. Click here for eight valuable self help tips.

2. Rehabilitation

  • Muscle and ligament damage often remains after symptoms have improved, especially in long standing conditions. So now that you are in less pain, it’s time to focus on correcting and strengthening the spine.
  • Treatments are less frequent now, so specific exercises are given to help improve postural control and strength. Health suggestions are offered to help reduce the stresses contributing to your original problem.
  • Adjustments are now aimed at addressing the underlying problem. Patients who discontinue care at this stage are more likely to relapse than those who strengthen their spine with the appropriate corrective care.

3. Maintenance

  • When tests show that your spine is functioning better, a periodic check-up is sometimes recommended to keep your spine functioning optimally. There is research to show that in the same way you might visit your dentist regularly, a periodic chiropractic visit can help to prevent future pain and injury.
  • Pain can be a real burden. It can limit what you do. With suitable chiropractic care you can feel better, and stay better while keeping up your demanding daily schedule.