On your first visit to Mark Walles Chiropractic you will be warmly welcomed and asked to complete a health history form. This will take a few minutes, so please arrive 5-10 minutes early for this appointment.

Health History

The consultation is a thorough fact finding visit. The objective is to learn about you, your condition, and your health expectations and goals. Taking a thorough history can help to pinpoint any underlying factors contributing to your problem. Please bring any relevant health or x-ray reports you have with you.

Chiropractic Examination

A full postural analysis and an assessment of your spine, joints, nerves, muscles and ligaments will be performed. Chiropractic and orthopaedic tests are used to gather the necessary information. Occasionally an x-ray or MRI scan will be required.

Report of Findings

This is an explanation of the findings. Any questions you have can now be discussed in confidence. If your condition is amenable to chiropractic care, then an appropriate treatment plan can be put together. Click here to read about the 3 phases of chiropractic care.