Two months ago my wife, Lydia, started a high intensity interval training programme (HIIT) in Woking and has been squatting vigorously to strengthen her hips, legs and core. One day she came to me with pain and pins and needles in her foot. On examination she had a lower back disc protrusion. As her partner and chiropractor I was shocked to see the poor technique she was copying as she dropped down into the squat position. Why? Because if performed poorly, squatting can easily result in spinal disc herniation and damage to the cartilage.

If any of you squat to condition your body that’s great – it’s a phenomenally powerful compound exercise. But please remember these three points:

Keep your spine neutral – avoid over-arching your back.
Don’t let your knees drift forwards past your mid foot.
Keep your buttocks level with your knees and no lower.
Check out this link for more information but remember the lady in this article is going too low:

How to Squat