• Sunday Times Barefoot Walking

    Check out the article in The Sunday Times when journalist Nigel Summerley joins Mark on a barefoot walk...

  • Close up of a spine

    "I can honestly say that Mark has given me back my life. I am no longer on painkillers and for the first time in years I'm able to excercise" - Lucy Deane, consultant, 37yrs

  • Help - valuable self help tips

    Are you in pain? Check out my top tips on what to do

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A warm welcome to your local chiropractor in Woking, Surrey. At Mark Walles Chiropractic your health is in professional and caring hands. Effective chiropractic treatment can help your neck, shoulder and back pain, sciatica, headaches, sports injuries and arthritis...

Chiropractic – 5 reasons why

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Common conditions

Chiropractic can help many conditions, some of them may surprise you! Click here to find out more.

  • Beetroot

    Dr Mark Walles, a chiropractor based in Woking discusses…. It was so revered by the ancients that it was offered to the Greek god Apollo, and it was claimed that Aphrodite ate it to retain her beauty! In the 17th century the renowned British herbalist […]

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  • Evolution Of Man3

    If you have a desk job, then you probably spend this long on your backside every day! I am a chiropractor in woking, surrey and want to help to improve your quality of life. Click on the link below to potentially increase your life expectancy….. […]

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  • 0

    Are you scratching your head wondering how this might be relevant to you? Unless you are a chiropractor, or you already have a regular check up with a chiropractor, I suspect you might be… Pain is a powerful motivator. Humans are hardwired to be motivated […]

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  • Acute pain in neck of a young woman

    My name is Dr Mark Walles and I am a chiropractor in Woking, Surrey. Recently I stumbled upon this fascinating study from the University of Leeds which I want to share with you. It is a MUST READ for chiropractors or anyone with poor posture, […]

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  • Woman texting

    Mark Walles, Surrey chiropractor explores how modern technology is starting to affect your health… Ten years ago it was “playstation thumb” and now it’s “text neck”…… How will our bodies be adapting to our digital world in the year 2111? Hologram headaches? Check out this […]

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