• Sunday Times Barefoot Walking

    Check out the article in The Sunday Times when journalist Nigel Summerley joins Mark on a barefoot walk...

  • Close up of a spine

    "I can honestly say that Mark has given me back my life. I am no longer on painkillers and for the first time in years I'm able to excercise" - Lucy Deane, consultant, 37yrs

  • Help - valuable self help tips

    Are you in pain? Check out my top tips on what to do

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A warm welcome to your local chiropractor in Woking, Surrey. At Mark Walles Chiropractic your health is in professional and caring hands. Effective chiropractic treatment can help your neck, shoulder and back pain, sciatica, headaches, sports injuries and arthritis...

Chiropractic – 5 reasons why

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Common conditions

Chiropractic can help many conditions, some of them may surprise you! Click here to find out more.

  • woman squatting

    Humans have been squatting for 2.5 million years. We used to squat when eating, cooking, socialising and defecating. In many parts of the world this is still the way people rest and conserve energy whilst leaving two hands free to perform daily tasks. It’s no […]

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  • woman squatting

    Two months ago my wife, Lydia, started a high intensity interval training programme (HIIT) in Woking and has been squatting vigorously to strengthen her hips, legs and core. One day she came to me with pain and pins and needles in her foot. On examination […]

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  • Runner 888016 1280 1

    Happy New Year from everyone at Mark Walles Chiropractic in Woking! It’s January, the month of New Year resolutions to get fit, eat better, get healthy. Here are some tips to make 2017 fitter and healthier: As well as having periodic chiropractic check ups think […]

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  • Walk 932965 1920

    Happy Christmas to all my patients in Woking! We’ve had a great year at Mark Walles Chiropractic and have learnt a lot about health, life and the human body from you all. Thank you very much. To keep healthy during the festive period here are […]

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  • Pexels Photo 29781 Mobile Phone

    Using your PC, tablet, or smartphone in the evening puts you at risk of inflammation, depression and pain. Blue light from modern technology disrupts our natural melatonin production. This is a potent anti-inflammatory which acts to trigger metabolic repair process. If this becomes impaired then […]

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