Chronic Fatigue

As your local chiropractor in Woking, Surrey I am concerned with your spine and back pain. However, on examination the first thing I check with any new patient is how efficiently the nerves are working.

Chiropractors have a special interest in your nervous system. Your nerves are the communication superhighway of your body. They contract your muscles, send sensations to your brain and control your joints, as well as direct your breath and digestion.. A chiropractor understands that as well as back pain, irritation to the spinal nerves can cause various health problems, seemingly unrelated to your spine.

Each of your nerves is wrapped in a fatty sheath called myelin. Integrity of this protective layer is dependent on vitamin B12. This crucial vitamin is abundant in meat, fish, liver and eggs. However, a large number of people find it difficult to absorb B12 and studies have shown that up to 30% of us are deficient!. This deficiency results in a general decline in your nervous system function, and your health.

When B12 levels are low, you might develop weak finger nails, muscle cramps, or pins and needles in your feet or hands. However, the cardinal sign of B12 deficiency is fatigue.

Various factors contributing to B12 deficieny are alcohol intake, a vegan diet, reduced stomach acid production and nitrous oxide exposure (…is this why some people complain of developing chronic fatigue after having dental work under anaesthetic?)

Is your curiosity piqued? I hope so. If you want a healthy nervous system then ensuring optimal B12 levels is absolutely critical:

Here is a short study for anyone interested in the link between nerve injury caused by anaesthetic exposure:

My next blog will tell you how to determine whether you are deficient in B12.

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