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Mark Walles, a chiropractor in Woking, Surrey explains what happens when a chiropractor adjusts your spine.

This is the blog post I suspect a lot of you have been waiting for!

Although most people know that chiropractic helps people recover from injuries, people who have never seen a chiropractor before might not understand why athletes use chiropractic to help give them a performance edge. There is an element to chiropractic that goes deeper than just mechanical neck and low back pain. Chiropractic adjustments can improve function of your nervous system. This is done by improving the efficiency of the communication between your brain and your body.

How do chiropractic adjustments work?

The answer lies in your nervous system. Your brain is the master controller. If you are in IT, your brain is the hard drive. Everything you do is regulated by nerve impulses that are sent from the brain out to the body. Your spinal bones protect the nerves and allow your body to move, but various stressors cause the spinal bones to become stuck in a position that compromises the spinal cord and nerves. The chiropractic term for this is a spinal misalignment. These misalignments can put pressure on the nerves as they exit the spine. This pressure inhibits the impulses that are sent between the brain and the body and can reduce the body’s ability to function at 100%. You still with me?

For the athlete who is looking for an edge to his or her physical performance, the resulting improved joint function and communication between the brain and the body brought about by chiropractic adjustments, can make the difference between winning and losing.

Professional athletes are increasingly turning to chiropractic care for much more than just pain relief. In 2012, every single NFL team in the States, and most Premiership football and Formula 1 teams use chiropractors to help improve performance.

“The chiropractor is the most important person on the team staff” – Lance Armstrong

Dr Mark Walles is a chiropractor in Woking, Surrey, and is passionate about your health. Call 01483 722388 now to find out how he can help you.

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