Mark Walles Chiropractic stand at the Surrey County Show

As the only chiropractor in Woking and Guildford at the Surrey County Show 2012, this Bank Holiday Monday was a busy day out for Mark Walles Chiropractic.
It was a hugely successful day, with almost 100 people coming to see me for a free spinal check. I saw a huge variety of people from a 15 year old with a clicking jaw and dizziness to a 90 year old with arthritis in the neck. I even had a mother come and talk to me about whether chiropractic could help her 8 year old son with his co-ordination problems. At times there was a queue with a wait of about 30 minutes outside the MWChiro gazebo but luckily I had my family on hand to help (my wife, Dad, in-laws and my 5 month old daughter all came along – check out the photo!). Lots of health information was provided, lots of discussion about how chiropractic can help various health conditions, and a number of families booked in for full chiropractic health consultations.

My daughter wearing her Mark Walles Chiropractic t-shirt

It was a long day. No lunch. No breaks. No stopping… My feet are still aching, my voice is still hoarse, and the Mark Walles Chiropractic gazebo is now doing its best to dry off! A great day meeting loads of interesting people but by the time I got home I was ready to drop so we didn’t quite make it to the Jubilee Celebrations on Ripley common in the evening. Instead we toasted the Queen with a cold beer and watched Quantum Solace on the box but I’m looking forward to next year.

P.S. I was positioned next to a stall selling beautiful Polish pottery, run by a charming lady from Germany called Charmaine (who as it happened ended up staying the night over at our house – long story!) – check out
pottery at the Surrey County Show

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