Barefoot Walking Sunday Times

What a great summer for barefooting !

Research has shown that getting out in our birthday shoes is good for us ( and as a chiropractor in Woking I often recommend barefoot walking as a tool to help rehab from injuries. It’s great for our joints and posture and there is an added bonus. It feels good.

Do you enjoy running or walking? Well I suspect that you’ll enjoy it even more if you leave your shoes at home and get out and enjoy the feeling of soft dirt, crunchy leaves and wet grass underfoot. The sole of each foot has 200,000 nerve endings which have been starved of input and sensation for far too long.

Nigel Summerley, a journalist, recently joined me for a walk with the “Barefoot Walking Surrey” meetup group. He was so inspired by his experience that he wrote an article which was published in the Sunday Times last week. Since our walk he’s even taken up barefoot running!

For those that didn’t get to read it here it you can read the article on the Sunday Times website or click on the image below to download a PDF:

Sunday Times Barefoot Walking article

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