Picture of high heels

As a chiropractor in Woking, Surrey, people ask me why they have problems with their knees? A new study from the University of East Anglia has found a possible link between your footwear and your health:

Assuming that you don’t have an old sports injury, more often than not the knees will play up because of a pelvic rotation descending downwards, or from a foot problem ascending upwards.

Now that the sun is coming out and spring is in the air, many women are dusting off their skirts and high heels ready for the summer! Flat feet is a common problem and will often put a stress on the knees and even affect the hips and spine, causing back pain and injury.

If any of the women in your life won’t give up their 8″ Manolo Blahniks, then please forward on this article to them. It might well save them painful knee surgery or back problems in the future!

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