I’m pretty sure it’s not just me that’s had enough of this never ending winter. As a chiropractor in Woking I’m seeing a lot of people who have reached their limit of this cold, grey weather and while it’s not been great for the spirits there are also potentially some more serious health problems that could arise from this lack of sun.

Vitamins such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorous are essential for strong bones, healthy muscles and a fully functioning nervous system. Yet many of us are deficient in these, even if we have a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle. One of the reasons is that vitamin D is needed to activate and absorb these minerals – without it our bodies can’t use these minerals effectively. So a bad summer followed by a long winter means a lot of us could be facing more serious health issues.

From a chiropractic perspective I see a lot of people who complain of back pain and achy joints. While a vitamin D deficiency isn’t necessarily the root cause, back pain and achy joints are some of the symptoms. And with so many of us now apparently deficient it is something we should all be considering.

Check out this article which looks at five case studies and talks about the importance of vitamin D and the recommendation from the Department of Health that we should be taking a vitamin D supplement.

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