It’s getting colder here in Woking and as a chiropractor several of my patients have been asking me what they can do to stay as healthy as possible through the autumn and winter seasons. So here are my top 5 tips:

1. In the UK we get very small amounts of vitamin D from the light available in the winter months so take a vitamin D supplement regularly and make sure you eat fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines) every week .

2. Regular exercise will help boost your immune system and if you can exercise outside that’s even better for the soul! So try to get outside regularly for a walk or run to keep your body healthy.

3. Sleep well – get your 8 hours every night. More and more research is showing that we need approximately 8 hours of sleep for our bodies to function at its optimum. Get to bed in time and make sure you don’t use your phones or watch the TV at least an hour before you are planning to be asleep.

4. Eat well. Although we just want to drink hot chocolate and eat crumpets in this weather its’ more important than ever to keep your diet healthy. Make sure you eat lots of fresh fruit and veg so you get all the vitamins and minerals to help fight those winter bugs.

5. With Christmas coming there’s the inevitable stress that comes with it – make sure you have some techniques in place to minimise your stress whether it’s trying meditation (which I would highly recommend), delegating more or just making sure you find some time for you.