Chronic Fatigue

I believe it can. This week I saw a new patient who has been suffering headaches and migraines daily – ever since she can remember. She is a twenty seven years old, has very good posture and has never been in any significant accidents. She has been to GPs, physiotherapists, neurologists and NHS pain clinics. The conclusion of their investigations? Unfortunately it was inconclusive. She’s been put on drugs and has been taking them for years.

On examination she had significant restriction of movement in the joints of her upper neck. Chiropractors call these spinal misalignments. When there is nothing in the history to justify such significant restriction in joint movement I usually go back to basics and so I asked her what type of birth she had. Initially she looked surprised at my question, but she went on to describe how her mother was strapped down on her hospital bed (thankfully things have changed a LOT since then!) and had a 28hr labour during which the patient became stuck. After a long and arduous birth my patient was born with the umbilical cord around her neck and serious bruising to her head. Poor girl. Poor mum.

After a few adjustments she is on the road to recovery. Her spine is moving better. Her migraines are a thing of the past and she is tapering off the medication. We’re both delighted.

If you want to read more about how chiropractic has been shown to help with headaches and migraines you can read about the Bronfort report in the link below – the report was based on the results of systematic reviews of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) and widely accepted and primarily UK and United States evidence-based clinical guidelines.

About the author: Mark Walles is a chiropractor based in Woking, Surrey. He lives near Woking with his wife and two girls, aged 3 and 5. Mark is passionate about enabling people to take control of their own health and loves cycling and walking.