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Happy New Year from everyone at Mark Walles Chiropractic in Woking!

It’s January, the month of New Year resolutions to get fit, eat better, get healthy. Here are some tips to make 2017 fitter and healthier:

  1. As well as having periodic chiropractic check ups think about taking up something like yoga, pilates or tai chi. These will offer you improved posture, balance and reduce stress levels which we all need, no matter what age.
  2. If you have a desk based job resolve to move more. A huge percentage of my patients’ problems arise from sitting at a desk with poor posture. Get up and move and when you are sitting, think about how you are sitting:
    – Don’t cross your legs
    – Sit straight
    – Tuck your chin in slightly
    – Don’t over arch your back.
    Check out this article for more information on the right way to sit at a desk.

  3. Less screen time close to bed time! See my previous blog article for more information on why it’s bad for our sleep.
  4. Take vitamin D. There is increasing research which suggests that as a nation we are not getting enough Vitamin D. Make sure it’s vitamin D3 up to 5000 iu per day for adults.
  5. Everything in moderation – completely ruling out chocolate / carbs / wine tends to mean you’re more likely to fall off the wagon. Allow yourself an occasional treat and you’re more likely to stick to it.