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As a chiropractor in Woking, Surrey with an interest in pregnancy and back pain, natural birth and health, giving birth lying on your back just doesn’t make sense to me.

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy please watch this short clip about labour positions and forward it on to anyone who is planning a birth :

Until the 1950s women in the UK tended to give birth on all fours or in a squat position. If you look around the world at traditional societies, women tend to birth in an upright position or on all fours.

By compressing the blood vessels between your spine and the baby, lying on your back reduces the blood flow to your uterus. Considering the huge demand for blood from your pelvic muscles and uterus during the contraction phase of child birth, this is certainly not a good situation for your body to be in. Lying on your back also closes the pelvic opening resulting in a narrowed birth canal. Once again this puts additional stress on the mother and the new born, sometimes contributing to injury.

Of course, only you know what is best for you when giving birth. Always go with your instinct. There is no black and white, right or wrong answer to the best position to give birth in. However, I hope that understanding a little bit about the basic physiology and how gravity can effect your body during birth gives you some food for thought. Good luck with the birth!

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