Chronic Fatigue

According to The Migraine Trust ( “research suggests that 3,000 migraine attacks occur every day for each million of the general population. This equates to over 190,000 migraine attacks every day in the UK”. There are a variety of triggers for migraines that range from hormones to environmental stimuli, foods and blood sugar changes.

However, a lot of migraines can be caused by either muscle tension or trapped nerves in the spine. The three nerves in the upper spine (C1-C3) travel upwards into the head and when irritated or compressed can cause referred symptoms in the head.

Today’s more sedentary and desk based lifestyle means that our postures suffer and we have more nerve and muscle problems than when were more active. Chiropractic can help to realign the spine whilst releasing trapped nerves and reducing muscle tension. If you suffer from migraines consider seeing your local chiropractor to rule out any structural misalignment in your spine that may be contributing to, or causing your migraines.

About the author: Mark Walles is a chiropractor based in Woking, Surrey. He lives near Woking with his wife and two girls, aged 3 and 5. Mark is passionate about enabling people to take control of their own health and loves cycling and walking.