Short term inflammation is an important part of the healing process if you cut your finger. However, a lot of us are in a state of low level chronic inflammation due to poor dietary choices and unstable blood-sugar levels.

Low level gut inflammation due to the Standard American Diet of processed foods, sugar and flour can result in muscle and brain inflammation. And this can this result in back, neck or muscle pain and even cause bloating, fatigue, depression and anxiety.

So how can we reduce pain and inflammation and help our bodies function better?

  • Eat high nutrient, low inflammatory foods which grow or can be ‘hunted’ i.e. meat and veg. Foods which are processed and man made will often be stressful on the gut, pancreas and liver. Plants, animal proteins, healthy fats and unprocessed grains provide us with the enzymes and nutrients which help our body to heal.
  • Start the day with a large hearty breakfast with sufficient protein / fat to ensure balanced blood sugars and hormones throughout the day. A slice of toast or a bowl of Special K could just be one of the worst starts to your day!
  • Eat the rainbow as much as possible!


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