I don’t know about you but lots of people are really feeling it this week. Tired. Achey. Stressed. In pain. This week has been even busier than usual at Mark Walles Chiropractic.

This tends to happen every year around the time when the clocks go back, and my theory is this….

When the days shorten and the night eats into our days, our metabolism is forced to change. In the past, throughout the summer we would always have been busy hunting, gathering and producing/farming as much as we could to collect supplies for the long and cold north European winter.

During this time of year our body clocks change and our metabolism slows with the change in climate and day length. In the autumn we used to work less and sleep more. The frantic summer accumulation would slow down. Fields would be left fallow.

In todays world of electrification and dopamine fuelled (that’s another blog in the making) instant gratification we really do forget to give ourselves the rest and restoration that we need at this time of year. Staying up late on smartphones, tv and working just as hard and long in the winter months as we do during the summer deprives us of the longer sleep and restorative rest needed at this time of year. Is it any surprise that it all seems to catch up with us this week?

Is it time to take things a little slower and give yourself the much needed to rest to allow your metabolism, body and mind that much needed rest it needs?