Are you scratching your head wondering how this might be relevant to you? Unless you are a chiropractor, or you already have a regular check up with a chiropractor, I suspect you might be…

Pain is a powerful motivator. Humans are hardwired to be motivated by pain. Physical, emotional or mental (they tend to come together!). Pain is what drives us to make positive changes in our lives, the outcome of which can be an improvement in health. Chiropractic can be one of these positive changes.

In my Woking clinic 80% of people who consult me do so because they are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. They have chronic low back pain, headaches, arthritis or suffer with recurrent injuries. They are usually referred to me by a friend or family member who have experienced the benefit of chiropractic. Ultimately, pain is the stick that beats most people through the door. However, the other 20% of are not beaten into the chiropractic clinic by the stick of pain, but attracted to chiropractic by the carrot of health.

The way I go about correcting the problem may be similar in both groups. However, the stick people present with an injury, so the initial course of treatment is solely to get on top of the symptoms. Carrot people present to me relatively free of symptoms, so with the appropriate care I will not be “chasing symptoms”, but will be able to focus on rehabilitating and stabilising the spine. Rather than being helped back onto their feet, carrot people are being taught how to run and jump. They are actually improving their health!

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