A few years ago I spent a week yanking the pillow out from under my wife’s sleeping head every night for a week. She wasn’t happy but honestly it was for her own good… She loved sleeping on her front but it is SO bad for you. Eventually I stuck hair pins on the front of her pyjamas until she stopped sleeping on her front. It sounds cruel but it’s helped her neck!

So yes, how you sleep really can affect your alignment. Sleeping on your front is an absolute no no if you want to look after your neck. So the options are:

  • Sleeping on your back – it’s a great neutral position for your spine. Downside – if you are a snorer this definitely won’t help…
  • Sleeping on your side – it’s a good option and no snoring involved, but it’s best if you change sides and it can aggravate your shoulder if there is a weakness there.
  • Sleeping on your front – no no no no no.

Also make sure you have a mattress firm enough to support you. This will depend on your weight. If you have a heavier frame you’ll need a firm mattress to support you but if you are lighter, a medium soft mattress should be fine. Pocket spring, memory foam – whichever you find more comfortable.

And finally if you are still aren’t getting a great night’s sleep check out my last blog on blue light and the impact that might be having on your quality of sleep…Click to read my blog on blue light.
Night all zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz