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It was so revered by the ancients that it was offered to the Greek god Apollo, and it was claimed that Aphrodite ate it to retain her beauty! In the 17th century the renowned British herbalist prescribed it for its blood cleansing and nourishing qualities. Beetroot has been used by Europeans for thousands of years to help alleviate various health conditions including:

• High cholesterol
• High blood pressure
• Cancer
• Liver/Gallbladder conditions
• Depression

Modern scientific studies have shown that the more colourful a food, the more nutritious it tends to be. Very few foods come more colourful and bold than beetroot! The article I have linked to below from The Epoch Times outlines a few of the benefits of including abundant natural foods in our diet. It may seem obvious to many, but there is a direct link between what we put in our bellies and the way our brain, body and hormones are affected throughout the day.

There are two hormones, dopamine and serotonin, which make us feel great and give us a natural high. Levels of these two hormones increase when we smile, exercise and have sex. Levels are often low when we suffer depression, are in pain or when your liver is not functioning well. Betaine in beetroot increases the levels of these hormones in the body, not through artificially boosting them, but by naturally improving liver detoxification and providing the natural building blocks necessary to produce these hormones. As well as more “happy hormones” other benefits of betaine include increased bile flow, improved digestion (especially in Betaine Hydrochloride form) and fewer aches and pains.

Even the medical establishment is now starting to see the benefits of betaine. Supplementation is often being prescribed over traditional anti-depressants. This is great since it will reduce the risk of serious side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs, will reduce dependence and addiction to drugs and will help educate people that there are natural and sustainable ways to achieve optimum physical and emotional health through a move toward a more wholesome diet. In my practice in Woking I have found that adopting an optimal nutritional approach complements the chiropractic work I do, and have seen many patients benefit from adjusting to a more natural diet.

Read this short article to find out some amazing facts on how beetroot can improve your health:


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