I had lower back pain for three weeks. During that time I tried various pain killers, creams and patches to no avail. Mark got me out of pain within a few visits. Since then he has also helped my poor posture, which was caused by an old collar bone fracture many years ago, and helped relax the muscles around my old neck problem.

Arthur Cheesman

Retired, 75 years

I had problems with my ankles for many years due to playing football. Having seen Mark over the last two years, my ankles are better, my posture is improved and I now look forward to my footy every week. Mark is personable, a real health expert, and above all professional. Even though I’m now doing well, I have chosen to keep up my regular check ups to counter my punishing football schedule. If you play sport regularly I would definitely recommend him. Thanks Dr Mark!

Richard Galloway

Photographer, 32 years

After several shoulder and neck injuries from playing rugby and twenty years of office work, I’d come to accept stiffness and pains as a part of my life. Mark diagnosed and addressed a disc injury in my neck that I didn’t even know I had. My usual morning pain has disappeared, and an unexpected benefit is that he has restored all the movement to my neck that I had lost. Chiropractic has made a genuine difference to my life.

Malcolm Glynn

Marketing Manager & Father Of Two, 46yrs

I have had chronic lower back pain since the age of eleven. In 2007 I became totally bedridden for two months and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I then underwent surgery to entirely remove the lowest disc in my spine and was left with a numb left leg. I then suffered a debilitating second prolapsed disc. The future looked bleak.
In 2010 I was recommended Dr Mark Walles by two separate people. Having tried physiotherapy, surgery, acupuncture, and other chiropractors in the past I was sceptical but was in a state that meant I could barely function and was suffering more than ever.
Mark has entirely changed my life with his treatment of my neck, back and my psyche! He offers advice on a complete approach to, not only initiating recovery, but also maintenance of my future health. I can honestly say that Mark has given me back my life – one nearly entirely free from pain, and the fear of moving that goes hand in hand with pain. I am no longer reliant on pain killers and anti-depressants and am taking up more and more physical activity. For the first time since I was a teenager, I am actually enjoying my life!

Lucy Deane

Headhunter, 37 years

After ten years of hairdressing I could no longer work due to pain and health problems. I came to Mark after suffering regular migraines. In the past I have had many previous treatments for my back, neck and shoulders, but none have been so successful. After my first adjustment I immediately felt more movement in my neck, whilst experiencing a huge release of pain and tension.
Since starting to see Mark I have also noticed my quality of sleep is better, I suffer less anxiety and have more freedom in my breathing. Most importantly, I no longer experience migraines, and am now able to work without chronic pain. By keeping up my monthly check ups with Mark I have been able to pick up my work again.
I feel more in control of my health than I ever have been. Thank you Mark.

Olivia Crighton

Hairdresser, 25 years

Mark is a highly competent and skilled professional. I was recommended to Mark by a friend as I was suffering from severe compression of the neck, lower back and leg pain. Over a series of visits Mark released all the tension and compressed areas and identified the problem with my back and leg as actually being caused by a collapse of the arch in my foot. I followed his recommendation to get corrective insoles and I haven’t suffered from the problem since. I highly recommend his services.

Jane Cresswell

Personal assistant, 42 years

Thank you so much for your help and support over the past year and a half. It has been quite life changing! In addition to the yoga and dietary changes you have recommended, the realignments have given me new levels of energy. Thank you!

Stephanie Sillitoe

Engineer, 34 years

Mark has a caring and compassionate nature and genuinely cares for his patients well-being. He has a wealth of knowledge and clearly communicates his actions and the reasons behind them, making me feel at ease during a treatment. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for a chiropractor. Valerie Redfern

Beauty therapist, 28 years

Mark has worked at length with me over the years. He is incredibly professional and knowledgeable about the human body and health, and was able to immediately find and address the root cause of my problem. He works hard with me to ensure that I stick to my health routine. This ensures that I don’t suffer from a problem caused by an old rugby injury.
I would highly recommend Mark to someone seeking treatment of any long term injury.

Edd Nicklin

IT Business Owner, 35 years